No charge in the federal or state system is as detrimental as a marijuana/cocaine charge. It is well documented that our laws and government have only worsened the drug epidemic in America. In the 1980’s, a new version of cocaine exploded onto the scene: crack-cocaine was more potent, more addictive, and considerably cheaper to produce,  making it cheaper to buy. By the mid-80’s, crack-cocaine was almost exclusively bought and sold by poor people living in inner-city ghettos while cocaine remained the party drug for the wealthy. To make matters worse, federal drug legislation punished crack-cocaine users more severely, resulting in crack-cocaine users spending years of their lives in jail, while letting cocaine users off with relatively little or no punishment.

There is nowhere else in the criminal justice system where prosecution, enforcement, and results are more arbitrary than in the war on drugs. With good reason, some of our nation’s highest elected officials are now questioning, and in some cases refusing to enforce existing federal and state drug laws. Mandatory minimum sentences and policies that punish simple drug addicts as traffickers and dealers turn even minor drug offenses into cases that  have major life long consequences.

Did you know that someone convicted of a drug offense is ineligible to receive federal student aid assistance, such as a loan for college? Did you know that even minor amounts of certain drugs, such as a half-gram, or even a few pills can carry minimum eight-year prison sentences? Did you know that possession of common recreational substances such as ecstasy can carry an eight-year minimum prison sentence with no possibility of probation? Drug laws can be frightening for anyone involved, but especially for the parents of a child that makes a very grown up mistake.

At the Working Law Firm, our Memphis marijuana/cocaine defense attorneys have literally defended thousands of drug cases. We are very experienced in helping addicts receive treatment, and helping promising young people clear their record and move on to better opportunities, such as college. There is no area of law where a criminal defense attorney can make a bigger impact than in the drug law arena. Nearly all searches, seizures, and arrests made in the war on drugs are made without a warrant. The lawyers at the Working Law Firm can work the system to get the best results for you or  your loved one; and they can work against the system to fight for your constitutional rights if necessary.

We have argued and won dozens of suppression motions to prove that the police cannot break the law in the name of the war on drugs. Our Founding Fathers were incredibly wise to see that overreaching “Orwellian” government would destroy our free society. Nowhere is that more true than in the war on drugs. If your loved one is charged with a drug offense and needs a Memphis or federal marijuana/cocaine defense attorney, call the Working Law Firm.

Cases we handle:
• Federal drug trafficking
• Tennessee and Memphis drug charges
• Money Laundering
• Conspiracy
• Cocaine
• Crack cocaine
• Meth
• Marijuana
• LSD and ecstasy
• Heroin
• Prescription drugs
• Prescription fraud
• Doctor shopping
• Interstate drug interdiction

Memphis Meth Lawyer

Tennessee ranks second in the country in meth labs. As a result, Tennessee legislators continue to push for tougher laws for possessing, selling and manufacturing methamphetamine, and state, as well as federal, prosecutors vigorously work for more convictions. Meth charges can have devastating effects on your future and your freedom. Whether you are charged with simple possession or possession with the intent to manufacture/deliver/or sell, prison time is a very real and sobering possibility in a meth case.

In a meth case, it is common to see people with relatively minor roles charged with the same crime as the ringleader. This is known as “conspiracy.” According to the government, conspiracy occurs when a group of individuals work together to achieve a goal that is a crime or considered a criminal act. Often, Tennessee Drug Task Force agents work only on bringing down an entire meth lab, including low level individuals connected to it.

Whether you were the ringleader of a meth lab, a cook, a lookout, or someone who purchased materials for others, it is vital that you have an experienced and aggressive Tennessee and federal methamphetamine lawyer in your corner from start to finish. Our Tennessee and federal meth lawyers can help you determine the best course of action and help mitigate or defeat the charges against you.